Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Happy Birthday to me

In case you decided to skip the title, It's my birthday!


Well, minor woo, but I'm trying to be cheery.

Didn't get any presents but did get taken to afternoon tea with my parents at a really nice expensive hotel, which cost as much as a present. Got some lovely cards, and I'm told there is a present from a friend on its way. ~\(^_^)/~

Only downside to afternoon tea is the food hates me. Stomach is all painful now, but it's totally worth it. The lovely waitress gave us 3 servings of sandwiches, which was very unexpected. Then we had 2 huge scones each, and a large selection of cakes, several of which are in the fridge for tomorrow. If you get the opportunity to have afternoon tea somewhere I really recommend doing it. It's such a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. We are surrounded by stately homes in the south so we are really lucky to have many gorgeous places to visit.

I hurt like hell tonight though. I took lots of painkillers before we left the house and sat with a cushion supporting my back while we were out, which helped me get through it. It's a shame my back is so bad though as it would have been lovely to go for a walk through the grounds. My knees also got annoyed at me, but they've done that forever.

My right knee was terrible on Sunday. I went to bed with a funny hip Saturday and woke with my hip and knee out Sunday. Couldn't really get them back in so spent the day propped up trying to keep the other hip in. I managed to see the Olympic closing ceremony, from my position propped up on the floor. Pain was managed okish until i tried to go to sleep. The change in position was so painful, I was awake for hours just praying for it to get better. Finally managed to sleep and woke up with everything back in place, just very sore. It's happening more and more often, which sort of scares me.

I was having a bad day yesterday, feeling rough and things were getting to me. Ended up shouting at my mum for something which was totally out of her control, well ish but I won't get into that as most of the problem is mine and not dealing with it really is the better option as bitter as it makes me. Fortunately my scooter is now fixed, thank you dad! :D , so I took myself out on it to clear my head, after spending half an hour calming down a little so i didn't drive recklessly. Was lovely to be back on my wheels after 2 months away from them due to the engine failing. My poor back didn't appreciate that either, but it was totally worth it. When I got home I went and apologised to mum.

Got to stop abusing my back and give it some rest, but my best friend wants to visit tomorrow and I'm too lonely to say no. I've made sure I know what time she's coming so I can time my painkillers around it, and give my back a good rest until she comes.

Then a couple of days rest me-thinks. All this pain is making me crabby and I can't go yelling at mum again.


  1. happy belated birthday,looks as if you had a great bithday treat, even though you may have suffered for it afterwards, hows your crocheting or knitting coming along ? any projects on the go ?

  2. It was a great day.
    Got a few projects on the needles/hooks as always, though very little work being done.

    My main on the go project at the moment is a colourwork tunisian crochet project. It's three colours so for ease I've split the yarns into little cakes, so I'm working with 8 cakes rather than having to string 3 balls along the back of the work. I plan to blog about it when it gets a little bigger and more photogenic.