Sunday, 20 January 2013


I've been meaning to start posting videos of what I get up to playing minecraft for quite some time. I've finally started getting round to it, so hopefully there will be many videos coming out in the future. The two I made this week were tours for the servers I play on, just showing what I've been up to.

The first was for the Fesseract the Besseract server, this is a play on words as it's played using a modpack called Feed the Beast, or FTB, so we took the name of our normal server and changed the initial letters.

The second was a tour of the vanilla, or unmodded, server Tesseract.

Neither contain much content, but I wanted to get them out to start learning to make videos and get confident with speaking to the microphone. It's odd that i'm totally content skyping, but talking when there's noone to respond but knowing people will be watching once it's uploaded adds a pressure to it.
I'm working on making some transition screens so that as I move around during videos, or if there's an issue so it has to jump forward in time, i can have something to break it up. The Tesseract video contains three of the clips I filmed, and a selection of tunes to go over them. I plan to have one piece to cover them all when I've settled on the one that fits best.

I'm working on the next video now, hopefully as I get better at talking to the computer and editing the videos i'll be able to put more content out. I also need to have reliable internet for it as I need to connect to the servers to record, then to youtube to upload. The two tours took just over two hours each to upload, a huge improvement from before we changed our internet where it would have taken up to 24.

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