Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Another evening on Minecraft

Tonight a group of friends and I continued our play through of a map called Spellbound Caves.
The map contains a series of dungeons which are full or traps and monsters. The aim to to travel through these dungeons collecting coloured wool blocks and placing them on a monument. There are 16 wool blocks plus 3 other blocks to be placed to complete the map.

It was great fun, it appears the map designer (who has made lots of these maps) has been learning to use some new types of trap. I'm not 100% certain but, by the way things kept blowing up on us, I think he's included traps which sense when a player is near and cause explosions.

Afterwards I was watching a video from another person who plays minecraft. They have a well established world is which they have build a really cool base. I noticed he had put a download of the map in the link so I decided to have a run around in his world. Well my OCD really came out to play. I have spent most of the last hour running around squaring off everything. He's built his base in a natural cave system and has mostly left the natural walls intact. I can't stand to see so many blocks out of place! Still, it's sort of fun to 'fix'.

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