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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Internet woes

My house has virgin media Internet, and we hate it. There are always problems with the connection.

Today we've been trying to upload a couple of files to YouTube.
My file got 8 hours in and was a whole 3% uploaded with a quote of 8 days remaining. So I gave up. My housemate loading a smaller file was still getting quoted 26 hours to upload it.

We ran the test of our upload at and have been getting an average of 0.06Mb/s when we should get up to 1Mb/s. We checked with our neighbours who also have virgin and their speed test comes up at 0.97Mb/s. So there has to be something wrong with our cable. We've checked the cables we can access and have even swapped out the one between the outside and our modem. We're hoping to get a response from virgin soon reference this.

So for now, no YouTube uploads :'(

Never again will I go with virgin. If we had another choice I'd swap out for a new company but the only line our house has is the virgin cable. Hopefully i'll have a better connection when I move later this year.

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