Monday, 24 September 2012

Dungeons and Dragons

Saturday was great. Had my MRI, which hurt to lay on my back for but was fine. Just waiting on the results. I went without my binder, which certainly confused a couple of staff. This was decided to increase my chances of making it out saturday evening.

Well, I made it out. :D

So I joined the guys and we started up a game of D&D. I have a little experience of the game from uni, but that was played with experienced players who could tell me exactly what to do with dice and setting up my character, so all I had to do was role play it. Now, it's the four of us where I'm the only one to have ever played before.

It was brilliant fun. We entered our first dungeon, and almost immediately ended up visiting a dragon. This encounter required a lot of role playing, as we had to negotiate with the dragon to avoid getting into a fight. Alas, we failed and it attacked. Fortunately the two of us with stealthy characters managed to steal its' treasure while it was distracted and convinced it to stop in exchange for its' treasure back.

Afterwards our characters took a short break to heal and decided to try entering the dungeon a different way. This got us into a battle with a couple of enemies which was ok until they called for 2 much stronger reinforcements. We survived, but the two encounters had taken so long that we ran out of time. We'll have to venture further into the dungeon next week. Hopefully I make it, if not I'll have to play over skype.

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