Thursday, 20 September 2012


Well, I had my appointments. Got my referral back to charing cross sent off. Just waiting to hear from that. It was a slow process the first time so I'm not concerned at the moment.

Rheumatology appointment was a little less successful. He decided he didn't think it was hypermobility but gave me a diagnosis of fibromyalgia instead. I'm not happy with this as it doesn't fit. He assured me that I'd read up on it (he gave me a leaflet) and things would click and i'd relate to it. Claimed it would explain most of my problems "even the gastric ones".


Fibromyalgia doesn't explain a thing. IBS is common with it, but my bowel issues were caused by medication and in terms of things, is a recent problem. My stomach problems aren't covered by it. Fibro's main symptom is muscular pain, and tendon pain with it. My pain isn't muscular, it's right in my joints where the leaflet states it won't be.

The main test for fibro is pressing on a variety of areas on the body to check if they are tender, as all fibro patients have this symptom even though nothing is physically wrong. Well he checked several, not one was tender. So how, upon failing the main diagnostic criteria did he end up at this conclusion?

Personally it feels like it's just a label for "we don't know but acknowledge you feel the pain", a label which says don't bother looking for an answer, we sure won't.

The only good outcome was that he's sending me for an MRI on my back to rule out any physical problems there. Frustratingly it's on saturday. While I'm very happy it's come through so quickly, I haven't been to one of my friends' weekly gaming nights for ages and am trying to not do anything to upset my back so that I can go out saturday evening.

Fingers crossed I'll be ok.

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