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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Just a quick hello, and a ramble about cushions.

I'm trying to make blogging a regular activity so although i'm about to pop to bed I though I'd write a quick post, and then do the big post I need to write in the morning (Which probably means tomorrow afternoon, by standard definitions, 6am being my current bed time.)

My knee is still very painful at the moment but seems to be easing off. Hopefully it will be a bit better tomorrow so that I can go buy the beads I need to finish my project. I'm having to be so careful not to knock it and send beads everywhere as it would not only take forever to clean up, but forever to put back together.

Tomorrow i'll post a picture of my current crochet project. It's going to be a cushion when done. When I made my first cushion, which i'm so proud of I'm sure I'll take new photos and post here sometime, I planned to make a second one just like it. However that never happened and, as much as I love order and symmetry, I decided that I would hold off until another pattern inspired me.
The one i'm working on has a lovely texture. It's blue like the other one is but in a single solid shade while the other is stripes of many. I've made my mind up that the house of a crafter should not contain multiple cushions of one design but many showing different techniques and each having an individual texture.

Of course, that means that as some point I need to visit abakhan to buy a new insert as I gave away the other to a friend when I decided to abandon the second cushion plan. I think the best thing beside the textures of homemade cushions is the fact that I can have feather inserts. I adore them. The weight of a feather cushion and the fact that if it's getting flat you just fluff it up are two wonderful qualities all cushions should have.

Well, that's it for now. Special post planned for tomorrow. ^_^ see you then.

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