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Friday, 10 February 2012

Slow days and yarn bowls

This week has been rather boring, not had a lot to blog about.

Though this morning was interesting, but i'll get to that later.

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a yarn bowl from etsy. It was hand made, just for me.
It arrived a couple of days ago and I love it. Here's a picture taken by the crafter as mine just don't do it justice.

I love it. The hook is really well carved, doesn't snag the yarn at all. It glides out beautifully while preventing my yarn from escaping me. I've got it on the table next to my bed, and have been using it loads. I love not having to chase my yarn down everytime I stop working. Due to my recent joint problems, I find that I have to put my work down after only a few rows, and having to chase the ball down to put away my project after every short burst was getting really frustrating. Now, I can just fold the project up and put it down knowing my yarn is where it started.

It's a lovely colour and the hook is so cute. There's a range of colours and hooks available, so I chose my favourites and just love the bowl. I'm not quite sure how i've managed all these years without one.

Yarn bowls are a little costly as no company makes them, so they're all hand made by individuals. Most of the ones I've seen are either way too expensive, or have had so much decorative carving done to them that the shape of the bowl is distorted by the weakened clay. Generally they're also pre-made by the seller so you don't get to customise them. The seller I used lets you choose colour and hook, and can even add a message to the base. If you're looking for a yarn bowl i'd rally recommend checking her out. (

I've been trying to find more blogs to follow since my previous post, but have been struggling to find ones which fit the feel of those I already follow. I love to read blogs which cover more than just their crafts and which cover a variety of crafts. If anyone can recommend some to me I'd be grateful. ^_^

So, as promised, This morning's tale...
Over night a very light rain created a layer of ice on our street. Our street, being a very steep hill, is really dangerous when icy.
So around 6am I head a loud bang, look out the window and there's a van up on the pavement opposite. A couple of minutes later, a 4x4 trying to drive up the street spins and crashes into the van.
Well, the 4x4 managed to move enough to park next to the van, and within half an hour two more cars have crashed into it.
Luckily all bar the initial crash were very low speed, only mild damage to the cars. Initial crash totalled the neighbour's garden wall though.

I'm getting a little sick of being stuck at home all week. Can't make it up and down the street safely to get out. I really can't wait for the weather to warm up, I miss being out and about on my scooter. I also need the weather to improve enough that I can safely get out to my drs to pick up a prescription. I've run out of meds and am really feeling it, but can't safely go get the script.

You may have noticed, I'm playing with the formatting of this post. I've added bold text and spacing to the start of each section, to help make it obvious that the topic has changed. Not sure I like it but I'm also not sure how else to do it as I don't want to break the flow of the post with headers for each section.

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  1. hi your yarn bowl is a great idea, i want one,lol, sorry you can't get out and about due to the weather, can't you get your local pharmacy to collect your script,then deliver it to you ? you can tell i work in a chemist, thanks for mentioning the award on your last post