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Friday, 3 February 2012

Pain and beading

I get the feeling the two are related.

All day I've barely been able to move my right leg due to the pain in the knee. Feels like some of the cartilage is caught and pulling when i try to move it. It's possibly a result of sitting cross legged for 30 mins last night.

I was aware that I was uncomfortable but at the same time, I was sooo close to finishing sorting my beads and my OCD was more powerful than the pain. I had a tub of 10,000 which needed sorting into 10 tubs. It felt great when I finished and could see them all sat in their individual colours.

I'm working on a design which contains 2809 beads. I think i need more of one type though so if my knee's up to it I'm off to hobby craft tomorrow. Hopefully when done, during the day you will be able to see the rainbow colours while the light is charging the glow in the dark beads so that at night you can still see the pattern but it will be in black.

Here's a picture of it currently. The yellow didn't come out very well using my iPod camera in this lighting, but it follows the same pattern as the rest.


  1. 10,000 beads? You masochist!!

    But that pattern is gorgeous.

  2. yeh, took about 11 hours to sort them, over 3 days. Could have done it quicker if i'd been able to sit up properly to do it.

  3. hi how are you ? hope your knees better. Its award time again pop over to my blog to claim yours, thankyou